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1922 Rene Baudichon Dunlop boxed bronze medal

Another wonderful bronze Dunlop medal by Rene Baudichon. This one is round and commemorates the opening of the Dunlop factory in 1922. The obverse depicts the Greek God Hermes wearing a winged helmet and standing in a rubber plantation holding a bowl into which latex is dripping. It is signed R Baudichon. The reverse is divided into two - the top half depicts the Dunlop factory and the bottom depicts J B Dunlop surrounded by rubber leaves with "1988-1922" above. The edge is stamped "Society Anonyme des Pneumatiques Dunlop". The rim is stamped "Bronze" with a triangular mint mark containing the initials "JB". It is presented in a square maroon box with maroon velvet & silk interior. The top of the box is stamped "Inauguration des Usines DUNLOP Montlucon 29 September 122" in gold with gold tooling around the age.

Approximate dimensions:
Weight boxed: 5.8ozs - 165gms
Weight unboxed: 3.3ozs - 94gms
Diameter: 2.09ins - 6.3cms

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