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  • Joseff of Hollywood bronze tone metal & paste cat brooch

    £295 Details

  • Ben-Amun gold plated & faul pearl & paste pin

    £270 Details

  • Ernest Blyth for George Tarratt "Vega" brooch

    £225 Details

  • Kenneth Lane gilt metal & coral shell brooch

    £185 Details

  • Kenneth J Lane rose brooch

    £185 Details

  • 1970-80's gilt metal & multi coloured paste brooch

    £145 Details

  • David-Andersen silver Saga series brooch

    £125 Details

  • David-Andersen silver Saga series brooch/pendant modelled as a Viking

    £125 Details

  • Art Deco gilded bakelite cobra brooch

    £115 Details

  • Vintage acrylic horse brooch

    £95 Details

  • A contemporary plastic hatching chicken brooch

    £45 Details

  • White metal riding crop & stirrup brooch

    £30 Details

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