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Murano small latticino cane vase

This very pretty small vase is Italian made on Murano. The globe based vase is made of pink and white latticino canes that have been pulled up into a short neck with a flared top.. The vase has a shield shaped turquoise sticker printed "Murano" and "Made in Italy" in gilt, with a white rectangle and a gilt cockerel with a serpent in its beak and a small fox on its back. It is not signed.

Approximate dimensions:
Weight: 2.5ozs - 71gms
Height: 3.35ins - 8.5cms
Diameter: 2.68ins - 6.8cms

Murano comprises a cluster of small islands, connected by bridges and is about a mile across the water from Venice and was already inhabited in Roman times. Murano was independent until 1924. It boasts a coat-of-arms which is a cock with a snake in its beak and a fox on its back, symbolizing surveillance, shrewdness and prudence.

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