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Rene Vincent Art Deco Lincoln advertisement

This is a fabulous vibrant Art Deco original advertisement for Lincoln cars by Rene Vincent. In the centre of the picture is a Lincoln convertible whose driver is chatting to a polo player. There are two women in 1920s dresses to one side and in the background are two polo players on horse back. There is a small picture below the bottom left hand side of the main picture containing a mounted polo player with a superimposed letter "C". There is text in French below the picture and a racing greyhound, the Lincoln car mascot and the word "Lincoln" below the text. We have had it framed in a chrome frame with a double cream mount.

I think that there were seven different illustrations for the Lincoln advertisements which can be displayed so that the letters in the small insets at the base of each picture spell the word "Lincoln".

Approximate dimensions:
Length: 23.11ins - 56.7cms
Width: 18.39ins - 46.7cms

René Vincent
(aka Rageot)
René Vincent was a French illustrator famous for his poster designs. He was influential in the Art Deco movement in the period between the two world wars.
Vincent studied at the Ècole des Beaux-Arts, initially studying architecture, but changed to study graphic arts and ceramics.
He was an illustrator for La Vie Parisienne, The Saturday Evening Post, L'Illustartion and Fantiso, most of his contributions to these magazines being fashion illustrations.
He created many advertisements for Bugatti, Peugeot, Michelin, and Shell Oil Company. His most recognizable work is the 1925 Porto Ramos Pinto poster.
He occasionally used the pseudonym Rageot.
Vincent loved cars and was one of the first French citizens to have a driver's license and also one of the first Parisians to have a garage built onto his house.

The Lincoln car company was founded in 1917 by Henry M Leland and his son. In 1902 Leland co-founded Cadillac which subsequently became one of Lincoln's main competitors.
In 1922 Lincoln was acquired by the Ford Motor Company.

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