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Waddington boxed double pack of playing cards

We always like buying double packs of playing cards particularly if they have interesting designs. This double pack was made by the English company Waddington probably in the 1950s - the Ace of Spades in each pack is printed "John Waddington Ltd Leeds & London". Each pack is complete and has a Joker. Both packs are decorated with diagonal outer stripes of yellow orange & grey but the centre diagonal stripe is burgundy in one pack and black in the other. The grey stripes of each pack are decorated with illustrations (in red for the burgundy pack and black for the black pack) of equipment used in the industries that are depicted in the centre stripes. The centre stripe of both packs have yellow illustrations a wheat sheaf, a paint brush, a distiller and finally flowers below which are printed "Food Manufacture", "Paint Manufacture", "Manufacturing Chemist" and " Manufacturing Perfumer" respectively. The cards are in their original faux brown leather gilt edged hinged lid box with a partitioned gilt interior and a ribbon to use to pull out the two packs. There is a card from each pack on the underside of the box.

Approximate dimensions:
Weight of boxed set: 8.20zs - 233gms
Dimensions fo box: 4.92ins x 3.74ins - 12.5cms x 9.5cms

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