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WMF Ikora enamelled metal twin light table lamp

This fabulous twin light table lamp is by the German company WMF (Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik). It has a removable carved wooden base done in the Chinese style leading to the blaster shaped enamelled metal body that is decorated with a brickred beige black and brown abstract design. The base of the lamp is stamped "WMF Ikora" with the WMF "tower" logo and the numbers 1- 621.
The chrome lamp stem is adjustable and has two bulb holders for screw fitting bulbs. The lampshade fits on top of the stem - the domed chrome finial unscrews to fit thought the lampshade holder and a chrome disc ensures that the shade stays in place. It requires a lampshade with the holder at the top of the shade.

Approximate dimensions:
Weight: 8lbs 8ozs - 3853gms
Height full extended: 29.33ins - 74.5cms
Height not extended: 25.2ins - 64cms
Diameter: 7.4ins - 18.8cms

WMF Ikora
The entire range of Ikora metalwork was produced by WMF from the early 1920s until the 1960s.
During the first world war, Hugo Debach, who later became director-general of WMF, took the initiative in having experiments conducted in chemical and thermal tinting of metals. Shortly before 1927 he founded the Neue Kunstgewerbliche Abteilung (NKA: New Division for the Applied Arts) at WMF for upgrading metals. The brilliant colours and the boundless possibilities for design arising from this new technique met with resounding success at the time.
The name "Ikora" comes from a plant with brilliantly coloured flowers endemic to south-east Asia sacred to the goddess Ixora and was adopted by WMF to convey the costly and exclusive quality of the range.

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