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Michael Hunter for Twists Glass hollow blown multi cane Patch pear

This fabulous hollow blown multi cane pear was made by Michael Hunter for Twists Glass in 2016. Known as Patch it is made of a series of multi-coloured zanfirico, tessera merletto murrine and white vetro a filli canes arranged in a patchwork pattern encased in clear glass with a zanfirico cane red and black stem. The base is scratch signed "M Hunter Twists Glass 16 Patch Fruit Prototype" and has the Twists Glass studio label. This is a glorious piece made even more special as it is the prototype.

Approximate dimensions;
Weight: 1lb 1 1/8ozs - 492gms
Height: 6.81ins - 17.3cms
Width: 4.21ins - 10.7cms

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