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VP Dautel bronze medal Visit of the American Legion to France 1927

This wonderful medal is by V P Dautel and issued by the Paris Mint. The obverse depicts two men joining hands. The one on the left is dressed in farming clothes and the one on the right is dressed as a soldier. THey are standing in a field with a plough share in the foreground. Across the top of the medal is is engraved "Pour Toujours" (Forever). It is signed VP Dautel. The reverse depicts the Champs Elysee a torch and the Parisian skyline in the foreground, with the ocean and three ships in the mid ground and the top of the Statue of Liberty in the background in very faint relief. "Visite De L'American Legion En France Septembre MCMXXVII" (Visit of the American Legion to France September 1927) is stamped across the middle. The monogram" VPD" is in the bottom right hand side of the reverse.
The rim is stamped "Bronze" and has the Cornucopia mark of the Monnaie de Paris.
The medal is presented in a round beige box stamped "R.F." in gilt on the front.

Approximate dimensions:
Weight of medal: 1 3/8ozs - 41gms
Weight of boxed medal: 1 5/8ozs - 45gms
Diameter: 1.69ins - 4.3cms

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